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Top 3 resources to help your employees cope with stress during the pandemic

The construction industry faced significant workplace health, safety and well-being challenges even before the problems generated by Covid-19. In the construction industry, the number two cause of death among men 19 – 54 is suicide, after cancer.* Mental health is important and should be prioritized as highly as other safety precautions like wearing a hard hat.

Poll shows stress levels have doubled during the pandemic

A Nanos Research poll, conducted on behalf of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), has found that many people in Canada have seen their stress levels double since the onset of COVID-19.

Top 3 resources to address mental health in the workplace

Fortunately, more online mental health resources than ever are available right now, and the list is growing.

Here are 3 resources to help you, your employees or someone you may know that is struggling right now:

  1.        FREE mental health self-assessment: The MHCC offers a free guide you can download that includes a mental-health self-assessment and offers tips to build a self-care and resilience plan to help cope with stress and anxiety. For more info click here.
  1.        Checklist to help with work-life balance: As stated in The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health's Workplace Mental Health Playbook for Business Leaders, an imbalance between work and family life is a strong risk factor for mental illness. It's been shown to be more detrimental to mental health than work-related stress. This checklist will help you focus on balancing your employees' energy for optimal psychological functioning. More info here.
  1.        Spot the early signs of a decline in mental health in employees: The MHCC also offers a workplace program called Mental Health First Aid Canada. The program offers training to employers and employees to first recognize a change in behaviour at work, then respond with a conversation and finally guide someone to appropriate resources and support.



Mental Health Commission

*Vancouver Regional Construction Associaton

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