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COVID-19 is changing reno trends

COVID-19 has affected every area of our lives, including how we use spaces in our homes, and that's changing what homeowners are looking for in renos. Add to this the fact that “COVID-confined” consumers can't or won't travel for safety reasons for the foreseeable future. They are instead looking to invest that money in their homes to make it more enjoyable.

A recent survey by Houzz offers good news for the home reno industry. According to the study, “Many homeowners are considering major home remodelling and design projects now that they've spent more time at home. Nearly four in five homeowners (79 percent) reported that they are dreaming about changes that would help them to enjoy their home more, with outdoor, bathroom and kitchen projects topping wish lists (35, 34 and 32 percent, respectively). Of those with home improvement dreams, nine in ten plan to upgrade their homes following the pandemic.”

Here are reno trends influenced by the pandemic:

  1. Study areas and offices - COVID-19 has forced people to work from home and kids to study at home. Many homeowners don't necessarily have a designated office or workspace but are now wanting to turn that extra guestroom into a working area. For some that don't have a spare room, they are making do with a corner of a dining room. The concept for flex spaces is growing in smaller homes. The versatility of a multi-use space means having counters or desks that can easily be set up and then stowed away.
  1. Kitchens – Homeowners are now more than ever looking for easy to clean countertops and surfaces. Most of us are cooking more meals at home and spending more time in the kitchen and want to work in a comfortable and clean space. So you'll see more demand for easy to wipe surfaces like quartz, sleek, bright kitchens, not dark or cramped spaces.
  1. Bathrooms – Cleanliness is critical in new bathroom renovations and that's why touchless handwashing and flushing models are hot right now. Expect to see a demand for hands-free technologies for fixtures, whether through sensor technology or voice command.

Improved ventilation is also trending in bathrooms. Ventilating with outdoor air is essential to diluting airborne contaminants. According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the coronavirus appears to spread indoors through close personal contact and via poor circulation of building ventilation systems, so it makes sense that homeowners will increasingly demand more robust HVAC systems.


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